All Natural Dog Treats

All natural treats created for your canine companion, because all treats should be made "Woof Love"

Woof Love Treats

Inspirations behind "Woof Love Treats"

Zorro, a retired sled dog from Nunavut was the first inspiration behind "Woof Love Treats". Spending his life living outside in the frigid cold winters in Nunavut, Zorro found himself abandoned, fighting for his life. His life changed when a rescue from Toronto helped find him his forever home.
Kiba, the second inspiration behind Woof Love Treats, is a 6 year old, blue eyed Siberian Husky. He wins the hearts of every single human he meets. Single handedly the definition of perfection, well, most days.
Jasper, the third and youngest inspiration behind creating Woof Love Treats, is a 5 year old Husky mix, who came from a puppy mill situation. With a love for squeaky toys and of course his mom, Jasper will no doubt shower you with kisses the moment he meets you.

Creator of Woof Love Treats

Shipping Info

Woof Love Treats currently ships anywhere in Canada. Canada Post is our current provider, but we are always looking for more cost effective ways to ship, so this may change over time. Estimated shipping times are 7-10 business days.